Friday, January 13, 2017


Pareidolia - Seeing patterns where there is chaos
Apophenia - Seeing chaos where there are patterns

Interesting polarities in relative perception

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hedonism Martyr

One had the fortune to acquire a companion who was the purest expression of love and hedonism.

We couldn't bear his joy. We picked away at the companion until petulance and later angst drove the companion to death.

There are truly dreamers out there who must die rather than we suffer the weight of upholding their dreams. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Not so triumphant, but a return nonetheless

if i consider my life as an accumulation of data and the synthesis of said data in a manner which benefits the organism which hosts my consciousness, then perhaps life isn't so bad at all. it's only once I start allowing the fabric of social conditioning to clothe my expectations that I feel envy, regret, and insecurity. We are all borne of the void and gifted with talents that far surpass the trappings of consensus reality, and yet by virtue of the omnipresence of consensus reality it is a struggle not to sacrifice our talents for securities offered by it. Perhaps this is what the process of aging truly is, the gradual acceding of our time and talents to the impassive and unrelenting reality that surrounds us. There are many ways in which people retain youth but none can escape the laws of reality. Nothing is true, Everything is permitted

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fast Magic

Magic is not temporal, but rather the 4th dimensional substrate of ideas. The length of time needed to gestate a magical instance is relative to the density of consciousness the impetus of the act is born of.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The compression of time

The compression of time occurs at the end of each cycle. Such is the nature that the denouement to a cycle of time recapitulates the entire cycle before beginning anew.

Imagine oneself on a sphere that is gradually getting smaller (or on a planet that is gradually becoming more 'global') once the sphere compresses to its smallest state, revolutions and movement on the sphere take place in a much more frantic and hurried manner the more compressed it gets.

Similarly, while many areas of the sphere may have been unique or travelled but once, when compressed it stands to reason these unique areas would end up being travelled again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Contract is a fascinating idea. The idea that one could willfully promise a future service in exchange for a service in the present is the basis for contract. The magician views contracts as a means to find equilibrium with the powers they negotiate with.

It is my opinion that contracts are to be largely avoided. While they are rampant and somewhat intrinsic to modern life, they represent a fundamentally negative attitude towards both human nature and ones personal agency.

The strange part of a contract is that one must willingly place oneself in contract, and even while contracted, can break said contract at any time (so long as one has retained their basic. freedoms). It is important to recognize this if contracting with potentially dangerous entities.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Time is of great importance for humans. We are bound by certain physical boundaries in our experience of earth, but none so ubiquitous as time. I have long conjectured time to be a gravity based illusion, but will have to expand on that at another point. When dealing with the liminal and multidimensional aspects of the human experience, one may become acutely aware of the experience of time being affected by states of consciousness. All humans have an immortal soul. That soul can be understood to incarnate itself by manifesting in what can best be described as the lower densities. One unique dimension to the lower densities is the experience of time. Our experience of time, as best I can decipher, is actually the intersection of our soul and a finite incarnation. While experiencing the finite incarnation time is inescapable. Thankfully it is malleable though, through negotiation with the immortal soul at higher densities. This is why the subjective experience of time can vary so greatly.